The treatment of addiction to marijuana

The treatment of addiction to marijuana - Although many perceive as a drug less harmful and soft, marijuana remains a potent agent for addiction. A lot of people have been dependent on marijuana and yet are somehow still don't know it. There are ways to treat marijuana addiction, and much of it depends on the person.
Addiction treatment plan
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There are some reasons why many must leave this habit bit healthable. The understanding of these reasons will help you to convince you in the treatment of addiction to marijuana permanently. Our body produces new cells every day to replace the old days, when smoking marijuana bother this process and become susceptible to illnesses. When this happens, you also feel lazy, because your body has been weakened by the exhaustion of new and healthy cells. The heart can also be affected by the abuse of marijuana. It can raise blood pressure and irregular heartbeat. It can also cause respiratory problems and illnesses. By smoking marijuana frequently, the risk of developing lung cancer is doubled compared to cigarettes. Impotence is also likely to happen to men who smoke marijuana. Women who smoke marijuana, while the risk of pregnant women with birth problems. The psychological effects of marijuana abuse are as alarming as the physical damage that brings. Smoking marijuana alters brain functioning making a distorted perception of reality. It can also lead to loss of short term memory. The ability of the brain to respond also slows down. These are also the reasons that unproductive, being mentally motivated increasingly reduces your energy level and their ability to do useful things. Certainly there is nothing good can go smoking marijuana. Do the reasons that you have read above be enough to help you in your marijuana addiction treatment plan. It is time to do things right, it's time to get rid of this addiction to harmful and useless.(source:

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